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Who are we ?

Finday is a brand of CPE-Group (also known as Crédit Populaire Européen). Crédit Populaire Européen is an independent broker active in the areas of personal and business credit, mortgage loans and insurance.

Crédit Populaire Européen has existed since 1996 and is the leading broker in Belgium and Luxembourg.

In addition to Finday, “CPE Group” includes other brands including “CPE-Crédit” active in Luxembourg in the field of consumer credit as well as Finday and “Venturi Cash” also active in Luxembourg and specializing mainly in credit and insurance solutions. B2B destination. Finally, we also welcome “CPE Arts” to the group, which is our cultural initiative of which we are very proud.

We have several offices in Belgium and Luxembourg where we can receive our customers.

In addition to the classic personal loan, credit consolidation, mortgage loan products , we also offer more specific products such as social credits , energy credits , etc.

Thanks to our multiple banking and insurance partnerships, we strive to find the best solution for each customer problem. Thus, we can find solutions to the difficulties linked to over-indebtedness and registration at the National Bank of Belgium.

Our multilingual teams are made up of expert advisors all approved by the financial market supervisory authorities.

The group's mottos are:

Listening – Advice – Solution – Professionalism – Availability – Proactivity – Speed – Honesty.

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