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Jean Sébastien SCARCEZ
Director of CPE (CEO) and CPE-arts

A vocation is the possibility of one day exercising one's passion...
A sales engineer and founder and managing partner of Crédit Populaire Européen, Jean Sébastien Scarcez is above all a lover of life...

Astoria Paris 2015-9658.jpg

Christophe DELPORTE

Artistic Director of CPE-arts

+32 495 24 09 15

Christophe Delporte is above all a passionate musician!
Always cheerful and optimistic, he manages the artistic side of CPE-arts with great enthusiasm and professionalism.


Christophe DENISON
Technical Director of CPE-arts (CPE-festival, CPE-events, CPE-mim)
+32 475 72 46 30

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